Church Membershipchurch

For those ready to make an initial commitment or an ongoing commitment to follow Jesus Christ, membership is an excellent way to live out that promise. We are excited to welcome all people who would like to become a member of this church.

Membership Process

Step 1:
Participate in the New Member Discipleship Class
To assist you in this commitment, a four-week, one-hour class  focuses on the spiritual practices that will help you grow in your faith and prepare you to find your place in ministry. To inquire about the next class, please contact the church office at
(863)385-5184 or email


Step 2: Recite the vows that you will make to Christ, the United Methodist Church during worship.

After the series, the class participates in the joining vows in worship at the worship service they regularly attend.



Ways To Join

  • Profession of faith is a first time commitment to Christ through the sacrament of Baptism
  • Reaffirmation of faith is a reaffirmation of your commitment to Christ
  • Transfer of membership from another Methodist church or another denomination

The Sacrament of Baptism is required to join the United Methodist Church. If you have been baptized before, even in another denomination, that baptism is accepted.



What if I want to attend First United Methodist Church of Sebring but not become a member?

This is absolutely okay! You can attend and participate in the ministries of our church without being a member. We want to support you where you are and help you grow in your faith.