Studies have shown that 40-50% of students walk away from their faith and the church after graduating high school.
We are not okay with that.

In order to change current statistics we need to approach Student Ministries differently. Youth ministry needs to be more than meeting on a weekly basis to hang out. At First United Methodist, we see our student ministries as an opportunity to lead students into a faith that lasts.

The experience students have with the church in their teenage years will greatly shape and determine the course of their faith journey throughout their lives.  We believe that by helping  students develop a personal understanding of faith in Jesus Christ by the time they graduate,  students will continue to seek God in other avenues through worship, missions, discipleship, and fellowship.

Students will experience what it means to follow Christ in a safe place to ask questions about faith and find truth.

Questions? Contact Ashley Rape, Director of Student Ministries: or at the office (863)385-5184